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lighthouseSymbolically, a lighthouse shows the way and warns of danger. We as Christians are called to be a beacon or lighthouse so that others can see the way to eternal life through Jesus Christ. I am delighted to present Caroline Abbott, a Christian woman, writer, and blogger whose mission is to help others who are currently being abused. She has submitted her testimony to Abused Twice’s, “Tell Me Your Story.” Her story and her picture will appear in Adonna Seals’ upcoming sequel, “Abused Twice II.” 

One vital part of our victory in Jesus is the fact that we have spiritual light. Light is symbolic for God’s glory, truth, holiness, and all things that are good while darkness is the opposite of light and is defined as "the absence of visible light." Darkness, symbolizes error, evil, and the works of Satan. Caroline Abbott's light shines brightly exposing the darkness of domestic abuse.

Caroline Abbott was in a verbally abusive marriage for 20 years. Caroline states, “[My] goal is to help other women who are currently being or have been abused. Abusers continue to harm their victims by keeping them isolated, and keeping their abuse a secret. Becoming educated about abuse is a woman’s first defense. No one has the right to abuse you, and you should never have to be afraid in your own home. There are many places and people available to help you.”

One can feel how sincere and passionate; Caroline Abbott is about this severe social ill upon reading her blog. I can only describe it as “Holy Ghost Fire.”  She presents a mixture of relevant and factual information to help the abused person along with powerful truths of God’s word. This is an explosive combination that destroys every yoke of the devil. I admire her steadfastness and commitment to sharing the word of God to those who desperately need it.

I would like to share a sample of her testimony.

My husband of 20 years, who held many leadership positions in our church and was attending a seminary to get a Masters of Divinity, walked into our kitchen one day when I was eating lunch and calmly said, “I hope you die. Today when you go out in your car, I hope you get into a car accident and die.” Then, he picked up his car keys and walked out of our home. You might wonder why I said nothing to him, and just sat there with my mouth open. Let me tell you my story.

Want to read more? You have to wait until Abused Twice II is released (March 2013). In the meantime, please access her newly redesigned blog and website at We are still collecting stories for Abused Twice II. If you would like to have your picture and your testimony published in my upcoming book, please visit here or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . God bless you!


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