Tell Me Your Story

Let me hear how you overcame your obstacles. Send your stories of how you overcame by being a victim of abuse. With your permission, I will include your photograph and your story in my sequel Abused Twice II.

If you are currently a victim of domestic abuse, I urge you to leave immediately! God loves you and wants you to know he can deliver you from all things. He wants you to be in a safe haven. Through Christ, I love you, and I am here as a listening ear to aid and assist through Christ.

To have your story and your photograph in Abused Twice II, you must complete the following steps.



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    Step One

    You must agree to purchase a copy of Abused Twice and commit to purchasing Abused Twice II when it is released. You may purchase a copy of Abused Twice at here, it is also available for the Amazon Kindle here. If you prefer to purchase Abused Twice by check or money order, please follow the link here.
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    Step Two

    You must agree to and sign the release and consent form located below in the lime-green box. We cannot use your photograph nor your story if this is not filled out. The consent form must be mailed back to the address that is on the form.

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    Step Three

    Fill out the form at the bottom of this page completely. You may type your story directly in the  form fill box, but it is suggested that your type your story in a word-processing software; such as Microsoft Word, then copy and paste it into the box.
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    Step Four

    Upload a picture of yourself in the below form. The picture may be any size up to 12 megabytes. We prefer you upload only .jpg images.  It is important that the picture is a head shot, and that you are behind a solid background.

Please download a copy of the release and consent form here.


Maximum size for upload is 12 megabytes.

Your device does not have Adobe Flash enabled. Many cell phones and tablets do not support flash media. If you still would like to view Abused Twice's tribute to Sandy Hook please visit the YouTube link below. God bless you!