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    Most people who are abused do not have an adequate safe haven.
    I have been given a prophetic vision of opening a domestic violence
    abuse shelter that will not turn anyone away. Anyone who is
    battered, including their children, will be able to come to seek
    safety. I am hoping that you can help me make this vision come to




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    sequel, Abused Twice II.




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The aim of the "Stop The Violence" campaign is to help the public take responsibility for ending violence in their lives, homes and communities. Adonna Seals just announced that she will donate 50% percent of the proceeds of her book, "Abused Twice" to a relief fund for the Sandy Hook victims. These donations will continue until November 17, 2013.

With 20 children and 6 adults involved in this sad incident, the school and the community need help in healing. With even a small donation, the elementary school will be sure to provide the services they can to the survivors and victims’ families.

Adonna Seals and the Abused Twice staff send out their condolences to those lost in the Sandy Hook Elementary and the town of Newton, Connecticut. Hopefully with enough help from this fund and others similar the families and community will be able to heal.

Adonna Seals will travel to Connecticut to personally give the monies to the victims. God will add a blessing for each book purchased for the senseless deaths in Connecticut.





    This book has been written and will exceed all things through in from my Savior Jesus Christ.


William McDowell - I Won't Go Back

An inspirational song from William McDowell. This is the theme song for Abused Twice. Adonna Seals was able to overcome by the saving grace of Jesus Christ. She has pledge to God to never go back to the way it was.

Your device does not have Adobe Flash enabled. Many cell phones and tablets do not support flash media. If you still would like to view Abused Twice's tribute to Sandy Hook please visit the YouTube link below. God bless you! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfoOoX9mpxo